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Jazz Age at FTM
1920's gold sequin dress
Robe de Style 1920s
Biba (far right)
Biba print linen coat
30's stain floral_edited
1930s electric blue sequin gown
1930s rose chiffon
Paquin 1930s velvet gown
1930s gold sequin gown
1930s dress with great sleeve
Liberty dress circa 1910
Liberty burnous
Paul Poiret for Liberty
_Liberty Spitalfields silk c.1905
Granny Takes A Trip
Tulle New Look dress
Jean Varon 1970s
1970s Angel sleeve
Edwardian cape
Mary Quant 1960s trousers
James Dean jeans 1950s
Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin
Ossie Clark Celia Birtwell
Rudi Gernreich 1960s
Ossie Clark Harris Tweed
Ossie Clark Dick Turpin coat
Horrockses  food print dress
Lilli Ann coat
Bruyere 1950s jacket
50's cotton rose print summer dress
1950s ballgown
Dior Paris 1957
50's red coat_
Dior Paris black skirt suit CU_edited
Dior London hot pink evening dress CU_ed
Dior Velvet suit
Dior 1970s
Balenciaga suit
Late 1930s
Molyneux 1930's
late 1930s with gold leather trim
Jean Varon  1960s
Mates at Irving Sellars
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