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Picture Credits Page.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I just wanted to do a very short post to announce that I'm providing an accompanying image and photography Pinterest page to give full credits to the images that I've used on my blog. So where ever possible I'll date the images and fully credit the photographer, the models, the clothes and their designers.

If I have the space I'll also use it to add some extra information or anecdotes.

Also I think it'll create a nice mood board and really give an overview and feeling of the period, fashion and style which will all be relevant reference material for the Fashion & Textile Museum exhibition.

A big thanks to Marijke Koger who sent me this fabulous colour version of Ronald Traeger's photograph of the Beatles partners wearing Apple Boutique clothes designed by Marijke and Yosha Leeger.

So here's the link to the page:

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