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Thank You....... It's All Too Much.

"I've just read your's fantastic."

Well, what can I say… it’s praise indeed when that’s the opening line of an email from Barbara Hulanicki.

So this is not really a Beautiful People post as such. It’s a big thank you to all the people who've started reading it and especially to all those who wrote such positive and supportive emails to me in the last week.

Before I pushed that scary “publish” button that posts the words I've been putting together for ages, I'd been wondering if my efforts wouldn't amount to much more than speaking into a cavernous void in cyber space. But over just a few days I've received emails and phone calls from people who have been so generous with their time, spreading the word, giving the new boy some tips, providing insights into their work and sharing memories of being part of the scene. And, of course, a really big thank you to those all those people who’ve read it.

I really want to encourage everyone to add comments, share their views and experiences, and point out if I've got something wrong! I'd like the blog to become forum for discussion and sharing. So this is an invitation to get involved. Please don't be shy!

So once again..Thank You, you Beautiful People!

As well as launching the blog, I started my 60th year this week. It’s certainly been one I won’t ever forget.

In the words of George Harrison......

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